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Adolfo Abejón is the meeting point for the handmade process, for believing in small production and in limited short series.

Adolfo Abejón designs and produces his own pieces since 2012, when the brand was officially presented at the Milan Design Week. Since then, he’s always been in the search of new languages for contemporary furniture. His designs are functional, conceptual and aesthetic, made in short and limited series; furniture pieces and objects with a nearly sculptural presence. “I usually combine art and design to offer an experience that’s more elevated and conceptual. I go for quality and honesty, necessary features for a design to last in time”.

All products by Adolfo Abejón

Adler Magazine Rack Pink
Adolfo Abejón
Adler Magazine Rack
Five Side Table Black
Adolfo Abejón
Five Side Table
Slim S Table Lamp Grey
Adolfo Abejón
Slim S Table Lamp
Falcon Coffee Table White
Adolfo Abejón
Falcon Coffee Table
Venice Lampshade Copper, Black
Adolfo Abejón
Venice Lampshade
Cobra Dining Chair Black
Adolfo Abejón
Cobra Dining Chair
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